Broadening your mind

Any development of thought and ideas, I feel, needs to include educating ourselves and expanding our knowledge base to enable us to relate our thoughts to a variety of situations.  To this extent here are some websites that include downloads or podcasts that can help to extend our thoughts:

In Our Time is a good way to get you head round many ideas from a very broad range of subjects.  Some you may find interesting, some not.  It’s like sitting in a room with a few experts and Melvyn who is asking them to explain it to you and him. 

Philosophers zone is again a radio programme with podcasts that will give you a little more access to ideas you wanted to know more about or even open your eyes to some that you hadn’t even considered. 

Does exactly what it says on the tin.  For when you’re fed up of reading a more relaxed way of absorbing things and although some are one sided its always good to test out your critical thoughts.


About Gareth
I am interested in discussing all things philosophical as well as trying to understand their practical implications especially through politics. My areas of interest focus on the concentration of power, epistemology, and the stimulation of debate. Most of all I love a good discussion that gives me a new perspective (especially with people I disagree with).

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